DAY 1-2


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The fun Route 66 roads

The exiting attractions


The enthusiasts along the Route


Some of the most unique with Route 66 are the many friendly, hospitable and enthusiastic people which still lives along the route and add their flavor to the Mother Road. Look forward to meet and get to know the wonderful people!


There is much to see and experience along Route 66. We visit native Indian & western villages, while driving through breathtaking nature. We highly recommend to join a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, an experience of a life time!


Route 66 does not have the most demanding driving roads for mc enthusiasts, but have a light mix of cozy historic backroads, curvy mountains & cruzing roads. One thing is certain: You will enjoy yourself the whole ride!


Los Angeles
Los Angeles - Las Vegas
Explorer day in Las Vegas
Las Vegas - Williams
New day with exciting Route 66 driving. We drive through the heart of the US; Missouri, Kansas andOklahoma.


Williams - Gallup
Gallup - Santa Fe
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Explorer day in Santa Fe
This will be the tour's highlight for many; Welcome to the Grand Canyon! Now we will explore one of the world’s seven wonders and experience this natural phenomenon up close. It's nothing less than magical!
We ride out of cowboycountry and move into Indian country.  The native Indians have lived here for centuries. We also visit very cozy Madrid.
It will be a day of desert riding an spectacular natural scenery. We drive through the Navajo and Apache territory to Painted desert & Petrified forest.


Historic Route 66 is also known as "The Mother Road". A trip where nature continuously changes through forests, prairies, deserts and mountains via exciting cities and major attractions. The campaign Tours are  "East Bound" (from Los Angeles to Chicaco)


The historic legacy

A large and important part of the Route 66 experience is the historic legacy. On many instances during the tour, you will be brought back to the US 50th and 60th century. We visit may museums & historic sites, such that after the tour you will have a much better understanding of what challenges the pioneers encountered.


We use day 16to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. Day 17starts by exploring Chicago. The next day is departure to our home country.


This day will contain many authentic Route 66 experiences. We visit the fun western city Oatman, where donkeys freely walk around, before we end the day in Williams.
This day you will enjoy one of the most fun cities in the world. The city of sin has it all; fantastic architecture, unique shows, casinos and all types of entertainment.


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Today we set course for our final stop; Chicago - "The Windy City"



Day 1 we arrive Los Angeles and become familiar with all tour participants and guides. Day 2 we spend exploring  Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier.


We start our Route 66 adventure!  We gather in front of the hotel and drive to pick-up our cars & bikes.



There will be a lot of traditional Route 66 driving and spectacular natural experiences on this day. We top it off by viewing "the Gateway Arch".
This day is also packed with great natural scenery when we drive through the magnificent Ozarks. Keep your cameras ready!



Grand Canyon


This day we drive into cowboy country and US largest state; Texas. In some fashion it will be the day of “the steak”.



I will be a hot driving day in  cowboy country, with large prairies. We are halfway to Chicago



Santa Fe is one of the US most beautiful cities. You will use no more than a few minutes in Santa Fe's narrow streets until you love the city and the population.



Santa Fe - Amarillo

DAY 10

Amarillo - Weatherford

DAY 11

Weatherford - Claremore

DAY 12

Claremore - St.Robert

DAY 13

St.Robert - Springfield

DAY 14

DAY 15

Springfield - Chicago

DAY 16-18

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